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Todd Ossenfort

Financial Advisor, Coach, and Executive

Todd Ossenfort is a professional financial advisor, financial coach, and business executive who provides leadership and direction to individuals and businesses facing financial difficulties.

Todd's experience with the IRS is valuable in helping consumers facing difficulties with IRS collection efforts. Todd Ossenfort's Perspective

About Todd Todd Ossenfort:

Hello, I'm Todd Ossenfort and I've been in the business of helping individuals and businesses who struggle with financial issues related to debt and credit for nearly my entire career. I'm extremely passionate about helping you learn to effectively manage your money and plan a financial future that allows you to pursue a debt free lifestyle.

Todd Ossenfort on Credit and Debt

Credit and debt go together, hand in hand. Credit exists because of debt and healthy levels of debt actually benifit your lifestyle. By teaching the fundementals of managing credit and debt, we can control our own economy and take true ownership of our futures. Being truly debt free may be a short journey for some and a life long pursuit for others. I've helped countless individuals and businesses quickly learn the fundementals of credit and debt and transition their knowledge into their day-to-day lives.

Todd Ossenfort - Extending Financial Education to the Classroom

As the leader of a large consumer debt management agency, I've been highly involved in developing outreach programs to facilitate the teaching of credit and debt education into our classrooms. Helping our next generation learn how credit and debt work is pivitol in developing a generation of leaders who are well educated in the arena of managing their credit and debt.

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If you or your organization would like help in your credit and debt management, please feel free to contact me.

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