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Todd Ossenfort

Todd Ossenfort is an Executive in the Consumer Finance Sector

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From Todd Ossenfort:

As you learned earlier, I'm Todd Ossenfort. Daily I work extremely hard to develop relationships to help consumers experiencing financial difficulties learn new ways to overcome their financial challenges through financial literacy programs, my personal blog, and the credit counseling agency that I have operated for nearly 20 years.

Overcoming debt is challenging, there are many emotional components involved; families struggle and fight to find the right tools to overcome those challenges, but sometimes, they need guidance from a person who has helped countless individuals and families find financial freedom. I believe I'm that person.

Todd Ossenfort - 20 Years and Counting

Credit card debt is something that families can spend a lifetime trying to overcome. I've developed a simple, no non-sense approach to addressing concerns related to consumer debt and help families find tools, through education, to become better managers of their money.

Along the way, I've been featured in magazines, on national news, and in newspapers, across the country. Proof positive that the methods I've developed really do work. Unlike debt settlement, certified credit counselors, when properly trained and with the right support, can help individuals and families negotiate with their creditors, improving their chances of reducing their monthly debt load. From my perspective, that's empowering people to change the course of their lives which can make a long term impact on generations to come.

Financial responsibility is a learned behavior. One that takes patients, planning, and most of all, the right knowledge and tools to make the goal of financial independence achievable. I hope you'll take the time to read my blog Todd Ossenfort Blog to see how simple strategies can improve your chances of reducing your debt and reaching your goal of financial freedom.

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If you or your organization would like help in your credit and debt management, please feel free to Contact Todd Ossenfort.